Why Antalya?

Antalya, city on the Mediterranean coast of south-western Turkey, is the Turkish capital of international tourism, and the best place to have your holiday. Lately, it became a dental and tourism destinations for the patients who are seeking high quality of dentla treatment with less treatment costs that they have in their countries. Antalya is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and fairly warm and rainy winters. This is one of the reasons why increasing numbers of tourists are turning to Antalya not only as a summer destination but also as a winter vacation resort. It is where you can ski on a magnificent mountain in the morning and swim in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean in the afternoon. Antalya offers sights of astonishing natural beauty as well as awesome historical remains. You can enjoy modernity with history at the same time. It is a very active city where many sporting events and festivals are held on the year. Antalya keeps up with the innovations and developments in the tourism sector while preserving its cultural heritage and the charming Anatolian way of life. Everything relating to history, nature, culture, tradition, shopping and dining exists in this region – combined with the cordial hospitality of the Turkish people.

Why Antalya for Dental Treatments and Dental Holidays?

“No place is better than Antalya and Turkey for your dental treatment while you are having your dental holiday. By offering high quality facilities for dental center, following and conducting strict implementation of high quality, technical and medical dental standards. Turkey and Antalya they have become the fırst choice for dental treatments and holidays for international patients from all over the world. Beacuse of the successful dental services, and the competitive dental cost levels, plus to the adorable beauty nature that Turkey and Antalya have, they are now most the preferred areas for the ones who are seeking dental treatments and holidays from abroad. Most of the patients who heading to Antalya and Turkey are from European countries such as Germany, England, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and others, as well as Middle Eastern and Arab countries. They are seeking specialized dental healthcare unavailable or inadequate in their homelands, and escaping from the high costs of dental treatment in their countries, since the dental costs in Antalya and Turkey are low comparing to the dental costs of other countries. So you can find the best treatment at the lower price. Turkey is in the Top 5 worldwide medical destinations for patients traveling abroad for dental treatment overseas.”

Why to choose our dental center for your treatment?

International patients are welcome with their family members or friends for a dental treatment with a holiday are welcome, we offer them a free transporation from airport, hotel, clinic. We offer lower costs and some free treatments. In case you wish to help for your hotel booking, we can find hotels for your with lower prices. We follow a first class hygiene standrds for your dental treatment in our dental center. We will always be by your side, a supporter who speakes your language will give you a help hand, explaining your treatment, informing your the accurate duration for it, and arranging your treatment appointments. Our dental center is the best clinic with an advanced equipments, we offer x ray, Volumetric Tomography, and check up for free. We use most of the most famous dental brands.

Implant Brands include: (Nobel – Straumman – Shorter – Densplay), these are the most popular kinds of implant. We offer 16 kinds of implantation.</p> <p>All our used materials are A grade and we offer all the treatments a long time guarantee. All you have to do is to send us an X-ray or normal teeth photos by smart phone for your teeth. Our dentists will check the status of your teeth, evaluate the cost, and inform you ASAP.”

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